CRM is a system that allows you to gain client's data and then use it in operations such as:
calls, mailing actions or messages and statistics.
You can choose which data the client has to give and in which circumstances.


You can create your own attributes, customised to your business.


Everything in one place

Aside from livechat or callback function, Chater offers CRM,
so you don't have to worry about buying it from other sources.
Thanks to that you save money and maintain order.

CRM na naszym serwisie

Long term relations with your clients

Thanks to CRM you can improve your service and, thus,
make sure your customers are content and happy with your work.
Clients can rate chats, offline messages and fill up surveys.

Dobre relacje z klientami

Importing bases of your clients

You can, without problems, import data bases in CSV format, and then use in on Chater.

Importowanie z różnych programów

All in one history

Every contact, call or automatic action of your client is saved in one history.
Thanks to that you can very easily check everyting.

Historia klienta


Consultants can add reminders in a form of notes or notifications.


Initiating conctact with your client.

Thanks to CRM you can initiate contact with your client even if he's offline.

Inicjowaie kontaktu

Clients on site

You can see who at this moment is visiting your website.

Dostępni klienci