E-mails (tickets)

Thanks to offline messages your client can send you e-mails, in case you are unavailable.

Sending messages

You can answer your client's messages straight from our service or from other e-mails,
and the history of the conversation will still be saved on Chater.

Z każdego e-maila

E-mail history

Both client and consultant have access to the entire conversation archive.
All of the informations are in one place.
Consultant can also add notes or notifications.

Historia e-maili

Read messages

You can see if the client has read your message.

Przeczytane wiadomości

Ticket system

For every offline message a ticket is created, which then is assigned to a consultant.
Each ticket contains all the necessary information
such as the client's data and the conversation's history.
Thanks to that, even if the ticket ends up being handed over to a different consultant,
he will always know what is the problem.

Our system is better than the tradicional tickets.
We don't add any long and incomprehensible numbers to the titles.
You also don't need to write anything additional in the message,
so that the clients could answer without removing the previous contents.

    With Chater you can:

  • Write back from your favourite email or through WWW (
  • Freely modify the contents, because the history of the correspondence will always be saved and available on
Ocenienie wiadomości


Clients can rate mails they received from consultants.

Ocenienie wiadomości

Spliting messages to directories

You can group messages by the pages they come from.

katalogi wiadomości