Automate your work. Save your time. Keep costs down. is a platform of as many as 6 innovative tools for websites and e-stores:
  • Live chat, callback
  • Video chat
  • e-assistant
  • Chat bot
  • e-calendar
Choose solutions that will allow you to engage your users, gain more potential customers, and ensure their efficient service.
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Live Chat - quick conversations with your clients

It's an easy and quick way to communicate with your clients live, when they are on your website. It's a bit like walking up to the client who visited your store and helped them make their choice.

Your website serves as a shop here. Anytime you can write to the client who is on it and is viewing yours offer.

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Contact clients from any place and device!

It doesn't matter if you use your computer or phone more often. Czater allows you to contact customers using any smartphone (Android and iOS) or desktop computer (Windows, MacOS and Linux).

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Automatic tools to help you
to reach your customers on a daily basis. can suggest selected products to your customers, offer discounts or encourage conversation and leave contact. All without your participation! Our tools will help you retain the customer on the website and mobilize them to buy your own, not competing solutions.

Virtual assistant

Automatic conversations with your customers!

About 80% of your clients' questions are repetitive. Do you have to answer each of them yourself? Spend your time only with those customers who really need it!

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