Your assistant who will connect you with the client over the phone.

Thanks to this, you will change your website visitors into satisfied ones customers in 26 seconds and increase your sales!
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How does Callback work?

The customer enters your website
Clicks on the handset icon
Clicks on the handset icon
Enters his phone number in the box
Our system will automatically connect it with you even in 26 seconds!
You can talk freely and your client can browse your website!

Contact with the client at any time

Thanks to the callback, you can talk to the client who wants to find out more here and now about your services or products. Contact to the customer is saved in yours, and you have the right one consent to contact the person concerned again at any time. This is how you build your customer base.

Call recording

When you want to go back to the conversation with the client to make sure what you have agreed, you now have this option. Callback calls are recorded. You can always check how the conversation with your consultant went or verify complaints from customers. The call storage time depends on the package.

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What else does Czater give?

Encouraging the client to contact you

In addition to the callback function, our service also offers

Live Chat

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CRM system

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E-mails and tickets

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Offline messages

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