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    E-commerce tools and support

    Improve performance and results of Your online shop - regardless of Your industry

    Ensure swift customer service and follow-up enquiries, optimise marketing activities, and sell even more with modern automation tools.

    Chater is a modern platform aiding the e-commerce industry.

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    6 tools to choose from

    Livechat, callback, e-assistant, chatbot, video chat with option to monetise and e-calendar.

    Simple integration and intuitive operation

    A simple installation that won't take You more than 5 minutes, and You’ll learn how to use it within just a few moments.

    Around-the-clock support

    You will be assisted by a tutor. They will answer all Your questions and explain Chater’s features.

    Flexibility and growth opportunities

    Easily adapt to Your immediate needs and make changes whenever necessary.


    Chater for e-commerce: why is it worth it?

    Chater constitutes of a set of 6 innovative tools created to support the operation of Your online shop on a daily basis. No matter what type of assortment You offer, or even what industry You specialise in.

    They enable efficient, multilevel communication between You and Your customers (via text, video, and phone calls), convenient management of client and employee data and, most importantly, regular improvements in the quality of Your service, marketing effectiveness and, of course, sales.


    How will this work for Your business?

    Do You know how much money is lost simply because users abandon their shopping “last minute”? All because they are unable to obtain answers to their questions or, even worse, are kept waiting too long for a response from Your customer service.

    By utilising tools such as live chat, chatbot as well as callback, Your customer support will be available at all times. In turn, this will effectively reduce the number of uncompleted transactions.

    With Chater’s platform, You will gain access to a variety of tools that will take Your marketing to a much higher level. Automated suggestions and instantaneous responses to customer behaviour, as well as the possibility of running e-mail and SMS campaigns and creating personalised communications. These are just a few benefits that will distinguish Your shop from the competition.

    Through it, You can create personalised alerts, announce latest offers and even make discounts widely available.

    Together with Chater, You can gain access to an advanced CRM system that will become a professional repository of customer data. The system allows you to manage Your contacts swiftly and securely, and to analyse and gather valuable insights that will prove useful in subsequent e-commerce activities.

    The platform also stores correspondence with Your customers. By doing so, you can quickly and easily ‘go back’ to previous communications in order to review them in detail and respond more precisely to Your customers’ needs.

    The tools available as part of the Chater platform are also a “nod” to all those in charge of maintaining efficient functioning of Your online shop.

    By their means, you will be able to reduce a considerable number of tedious and repetitive tasks (such as answering continuously recurring questions or even “manually” looking for and collecting customer information).

    You will also ensure that Your shop staff can focus on what is key: improving quality, innovation and increasing sales.

    The tools available on the platform facilitate convenient import and export of data and easily integrate with many external systems (including Messenger, for instance).

    Such possibilities will not only provide you with comfortable management of most matters from just 1 place. They will also contribute towards the fact that you will begin to notice that you are both saving time (Your own and Your employees’) and reducing expenses related to running Your e-shop.


    Turn Your e-shop into an online money-making device

    Benefit from the potential of modern e-commerce automation tools. Discover how you can not only save plenty of time and money, but, above all, regularly increase Your profits from online sales.

    • Step 1


      Review and then select the tools you would like to implement in Your online shop.

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      Use the special code to quickly integrate Chater into Your retail platform.

      Choose your bundle
    • Step 3


      Use the opportunities Chater provides to further Your marketing, sales, and service.

    Case studies

    Find out about the results of other online shops

    • 57%

      Savings monthly

      By implementing processes to optimise customer service.

    • 24%

      Less abandoned carts

      With the use of automated services and responding to enquiries.

    • 63%

      Sales increase

      Through the implementation of effective marketing campaigns.

    • 62%

      Given by online shop customers.