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    Tools and support for the financial industry

    Optimise service and fulfil sales targets for financial products

    Ensure efficient flow of information. Collect and process the necessary data and provide service to more customers, even quicker.

    Chater is a set of innovative tools – designed to support financial enterprises.

    Try for free 14 days with no obligations

    6 tools to choose form

    Including: live chat, callback, online assistant, chatbot, video chat, and e-calendar.

    Easy integration and simple operation

    Installation takes a maximum of five minutes and learning how to use it - only a few

    24-hour support

    Dedicated supervisor to answer any questions and show you how to access all features.

    Versatile application

    Ability to adapt to current needs and make changes at any time.


    Chater for finance: why is it worth it?

    Chater is a set of 6 cutting-edge tools designed to support the 3 pillars of Your business: marketing, service, and sales. With its assistance, you can easily ensure communication with existing and potential customers, carry out effective promotional activities as well as optimise the work and management processes of Your company.


    How will it work for Your business?

    Some of the greatest challenges faced by professionals working in the financial products sales industry are the multitude of responsibilities, the constant lack of time and, consequently, the necessity to perform several tasks at the same time.

    Using Chater will make Your work, and that of Your employees, much easier, as you will be able to reduce most of Your workload (including answering repetitive questions, researching, collecting and entering customer information and even scheduling appointments).

    Our platform is a whole set of tools that will ensure you are always connected to Your clients. Live chat, video chat and even callback will allow you to communicate efficiently and at any time – in a form that suits you most.

    In addition, you will gain the ability to organise online events, implement advertising campaigns and send e-mails and text messages, taking Your marketing to an even higher level.

    Chater also provides you with access to an advanced CRM system, with which you can easily manage Your contacts. This, combined with comprehensive analysis capabilities, will allow you not only to handle current enquiries, but also to prepare personalised financing offers and – last but not least – to plan Your activities several or even more months “ahead”.

    With the option to archive Your client communications, it will become very simple for you to ‘go back’ to previous conversations to recall them and to respond to future customer needs in a much better manner.

    Taking over arduous tasks by computers, effective marketing activities and, on top of that, access to highly valuable data. All this will ensure that you and Your team not only reclaim precious time, but also much-needed energy and motivation for Your work.

    Chater will take all these tasks out of Your hands so that you can focus on what you do best – reaching out to customers, researching their needs, and then offering the most attractive and tailored financial products.


    Sell financial solutions - with even greater effectiveness

    Harness the power of a modern automation and communication tool. Find out how you can improve efficiency, increase sales, and additionally reduce Your expenses.

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      Have a read through and then select solutions you want to incorporate into Your business.

      Try for free
    • Step 2


      Download the code to carry out a swift integration of Chater with Your website and the systems you use already.

      Choose your bundle
    • Step 3


      Use the platform to serve customers, promote Your business and regularly increase sales of financial products.

    Case studies

    Learn about the performance of other companies in the financial industry

    • 33%

      Savings monthly

      By implementing processes to optimise customer service.

    • 56%

      Less abandoned carts

      With automated service and response.

    • 48%

      Sales increase

      Through the implementation of effective marketing campaigns.

    • 51%

      More positive reviews

      Given by Your clients.