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    Chatbot for website and online shop

    Expedite customer service, automate sales, and build Your business to scale

    Rely on a chatbot and build a fully modern service support channel for Your firm to attract more potential clients to Your website and cater to them efficiently – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Try for free 14 days with no obligations.
    • Free trial period

      14 days for free! Test chat to in Your firm.

    • Quick and simple integration

      Use the ready-made response templates and the chat bot will take care of the rest.

    • Lower costs

      Reduce enquiry processing costs by up to 50%.

    • Automated service 24/7

      Respond to multiple customers at the same time before they start to waver.


    Chatbot – what is it?

    How many times a day do you or Your employees have to answer endlessly repetitive questions about Your services or products, opening hours, shipping costs, delivery times and much more? 10, 100 or maybe 1000?
    You will agree that this kind of work can be not only boring and frustrating, but above all very costly. After all, as interest in Your offer grows, so does the number of enquiries.
    Chatbot, which has been created for sales, marketing, and customer service, could offer a solution to Your problems. It will handle responding to recurring questions, collect contacts, show current promotions, book appointments, and even assist with product selection.
    All this so that Your clients receive complete support, without having to wait for long periods of time, and Your employees can focus on more ambitious and profitable activities.

    Instantly solve problems and shape purchasing decisions of Your clients

    The success of Your firm depends on a sound offer, effective promotion as well as service. The quicker and more efficient it is, the greater the chances that customers will choose to leave their money right with you.

    It is often the case, after all, that users bring forward questions as soon as they arrive on Your website and expect an answer in less than 10 seconds. Chatbot can help you meet their expectations and swiftly answer their enquiries within seconds.


    What will chatbot help with?

    • More new and returning customers

      Asking the right questions through chatbot will help you to acquire leads, guide potential customers through the first stages of their purchasing journey and – finalise the sale. Imagine a person browsing Your eCommerce after working hours and looking to buy a product, but unable to find information on whether you deliver to their area. A quick chat with the bot may give them the answer and seal the deal.

      An ideal solution for industries such as e-commerce, automotive, tourism, education, and real estate.

    • Greater insight and facilitated qualification of customers

      Create a few automated prompts to welcome and engage with Your visitors – not only at the right time, but also based on the triggers of Your choice. Chatbot will handle the sourcing and qualification of Your leads in the next step (including collecting email addresses, phone numbers and many other valuable data).

    • Fewer abandoned baskets and increased sales

      Express answers (e.g. regarding products or ways to purchase them), will considerably speed up Your customers’ decision-making process and, in addition, minimise the risk of abandoning the transaction.

      This option will work well for both an online shop and a service that generates so-called leads (contacts).

    • A source of valuable information about Your clients

      Chatbot will become a true knowledge goldmine about Your customers’ worries, needs and dreams.

      By accessing them, you will not only be able to analyse the data, but above all optimise processes. So that the quality of service is improved and the value of sales increased.

    • Shortened response time by up to 50%

      Users do not have to waste time browsing through lists of FAQs and having to ‘guess’ which category their problem falls into. Before you or Your consultants join the conversation, ChatBot will have had time to ask all the necessary questions and then – in a split second – send the most fitting answers. If it cannot provide sufficient guidance itself – it will redirect the matter directly to the relevant department or customer service specialist.

      This will ensure that users are served professionally and receive the response they are looking for much more quickly.

    • Time and money saving

      The chatbot will handle the day-to-day handling of enquiries and will assume the existing tasks of Your consultants.

      It will work for you (or rather, instead of you!) every day and at any time – solving simple and repetitive problems for Your clients.

      By doing so, you will reduce the workload of Your customer support by more than half, save up to tens of working hours and save time for more important tasks (each month).

    • Always be where Your customers need you

      Thanks to advanced personalisation options, chatbot will be launched on targeted sub-pages, in the shopping basket, as well as linked to other communication channels (livechat, email, social media, etc.).

    • Ensure effective product promotion

      ChatBot will enable efficient marketing by means of a targeted communication to the right customer segment. This way, you will increase customer engagement and improve the visibility of Your brand. Example? If you’re selling hoodies, you’ll be able to showcase different colours, styles, and brands (or other elements) to appeal to Your customers and help them decide whether Your goods are worth purchasing.

    • Create a valuable database of customer and user information

      This tool will enable you to gather contact details of visitors of Your website (e.g. name, email address, telephone number, etc.), thus expanding Your potential client base. In addition, the information collected this way will allow you to gain insight into the preferences and needs of Your customers.

    • Schedule appointments

      Facilitate customers to schedule appointments and use Your services. ChatBot can be linked to Your online calendar and in doing so – set dates and times, fetch contact details and book appointments (consistent with Your availability at the given time). And all this while you are busy with other tasks!

      This functionality will prove particularly popular with service providers such as beauty salons, hairdressers, fitness centres and clubs, coaches, therapists, and trainers.


    Replace Your customer service responsibilities with 1 simple tool that does it for you

    You don’t have to invest Your time or the labour of several or more specialists just to respond to the same customer questions. Utilise their talents to conduct ambitious projects, and delegate repetitive and boring tasks to a chatbot from Chater.

    See how easy it is.

    • Step 1

      Select and Configure

      Prepare answers to the most frequent questions.

      Simple configuration, excellent graphical interface.

    • Step 2


      Install chatbot on Your website or e -shop using simple integration.


      If you don’t know how – we’d be happy to assist you!

    • Step 3


      Observe how chatbot handles providing answers.

      Work faster, reduce costs and improve service


    Learn about the successes of our clients

    • 74%

      Sales increase in e-shops

    • 61%

      Decrease of abandoned carts on e-shops

    • 51%

      Savings in companies with chatbot

    • 45%

      More positive reviews on e-shops