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    Video chat on website and online shop

    Service your clients as if they were right in front of you.

    Provide consultations, training, workshops, or traditional meetings – from the comfort of your home or office.

    Video chat has a built-in online payment option that will allow you to charge for your services efficiently and securely.

    Try for free
    • 2 weeks for 0 PLN

      Test e-calendar in your firm and check its capabilities.

    • Easy implementation

      Register on our platform and it just takes a few minutes to launch the ready-to-use tool.

    • Versatile use

      Ideal for e-commerce, consultants, trainers, coaches, psychotherapists, psychics, and influencers

    • Simple and secure billing

      You can charge by the minute or set flat rates for each video chat. You decide!


    Video chat – what is it?

    Do you run a business that relies on regularly meeting with clients? Do you enjoy ‘live’ interaction, but at the same time feel that this business model is a significant constraint not only on your progress, but also – potential earnings growth? On top of all this, cost issues – counted as expenses for renting an office or study, as well as those directly related to the loss of time for commuting or even having to wait in traffic jams.
    But how about getting rid of the barrier that is your location and the way Your services are provided, and thus unlocking the full potential of your business? If this is what you are striving for – you should definitely consider using video chat!

    Plan, organise and bill for appointments or workshops online - using 1 intuitive platform

    Video chat will provide you with all the functionality you need to focus on providing professional services online. Without worrying about their quality, availability, let alone accepting or settling payments.
    Simply schedule a meeting and invite your clients, and our platform will do the rest. That way, we can give you the opportunity to focus on what matters most – delivering professional services over the web.


    How will you use this tool?

    You don’t have to shoulder the expense of renting office space, arranging and maintaining it, let alone buying expensive and specialised software. With video chat, all you need is a computer and internet access to provide service to your customers, how and where you want.
    Just set the days and times you are available and then invite clients to book convenient appointments.

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    Video chat can be used as a way of generating extra income for you (to supplement your regular income from other venues) or it can become your main source of income. The decision is entirely up to you!

    The tool is also a guarantee of confidentiality and a high degree of privacy. Using it will ensure that all data about you and your clients, as well as the information provided during Your meetings, is kept well protected.

    A subtle counter will help you keep track of each meeting as well as will let you know when to end it.


    Ensure professional service of the highest standard

    Grant them access to a modern platform and video chat through which they can easily and securely access your services.

    See how easy it is.

    • Step 1


      Insert the code into the website and make your offer also available online.

    • Step 2


      Determine the type of services and establish the billing method for its provision and other necessary variables.

    • Step 3


      Invite clients to online meetings and ensure expert support at the highest level.


    Learn about the successes of our clients

    • 41%

      Sales increase on www websites

    • 39%

      Expanses decrease in communication departments

    • 57%

      Time savings on e-shops

    • 62%

      More positive reviews on e-shops